if coors bottle says mar0711 when was it made?!

Question: If coors bottle says mar0711 when was it made?
bottle says mar0711 and F04140144. Can anyone tell me if it was bottled this year?


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You can ask us until you are blue in the face waiting for the true answer and never getting it. Contact Coors with your requested information.

Based on your date and back dating s the package date to Jan3111 (for 45 days) and Jan0711 (for sixty days) based on Information taken from Coors site. Since it is not yet JAN31 it must be between yesterday and the 7th making the beer very fresh for sure.

"Beer is a food product. Unlike fine wine, it does not age gracefully! Luckily, all MillerCoors beers come with freshness codes that tell you when it's best to drink them. You'll see this code on every bottle and can—and on the carrier it came in, such as a six- or 12-pack. Most MillerCoors products that are packaged in cans or bottles and distributed in the U.S. will stay fresh for about 120 days, at which time the beer should be pulled from shelves and is no longer considered fresh. (The fresh life of most kegs of MillerCoors beers is 45-63 days.) For more information about freshness codes, see the Nutrition and Codes page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can use our feedback form at any time to send email to MillerCoors or you can call us during regular business hours at 1-800-645-5376."

the Nutrition and Codes page

It is an expiration date. Coors labels expiration dates according to 7 months after they are brewed. In this case it would have been August of 2010. The F04140144 is most likely a lot number, but it does not contain the date.

thats a freshness date
usually most beer companies gie a 6 month shelf life for optimal taste

so march 07, 2011, likely was bottled october 07, 2010

Check out this link... hope it helps :)


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