how to apply to cocktail waitress?!

Question: How to apply to cocktail waitress?
I'm 19 and a sophomore at UT Austin and really feeling some financial pressure. I've heard from friends that you can make good money as a cocktail waitress. I'm planning on applying to clubs and bars downtown, but I don't know the proper way of doing so, for instance, what time of day I should go.

I have no experience serving, I've hosted at a restaurant for about 2 years though. If anyone has any advice that would be great!


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Print out a few copies of your resume (aka CV), and a cover letter explaining that you want to work as a cocktail waitress, and give these to any place you are interested in working. Many places will keep resumes so if a job comes up, they will give you a call for an interview. As you've waitressed in a restaurant for 2 years, that's very relevant experience so go into detail about that in particular on your resume.
Regarding best time to go - it depends on their opening hours, and the best time to go would be at a time with not many customers. If they're busy, serving customers will take priority and they may not have time to talk to you. Maybe morning or afternoon depending on their opening hours - not night as bars often get busy.

Honestly, if you don't have any experience as a server for food or otherwise, it might be hard to get hired with but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.
Go to a club or bar around 4:00 pm. The manager is usually there and it's not busy. Especially if it is also a restaurant but definitely if it's just a club or bar. People aren't off work yet and things are just getting prepped for the night. Go on a mid week day and not Friday or Saturday.
Call ahead and set up an appointment if you can.
Some bars and clubs don't even have cocktail waitresses any more - at least in CA. Everyone has to fend for themselves at the bar.But it's probably different in TX as it was when I lived in CO. I was a bartender but could make more money as a cocktail waitress because the clubs were huge and I had access to a lot more tables.
They might start you on a mid week shift to see how you do. Get along with the bartender and ask a lot of questions.
Good luck - it's a lot of work and wear good shoes!

Been there, done that

if you dont have any experience as a server or bar made its gana be hard cause most places want experience.always remember when applying for a job the early bird gets the warm so if u were ganna apply btwn 8 and 12 are good times to look for jobs.

Just wear a miniskirt and a push up bra. Go in and act really dumb.

Your hired!

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