If alcohol is a depressent then why do people go crazy and have fun when they drink it at parties?!

Question: If alcohol is a depressent then why do people go crazy and have fun when they drink it at parties?


When they aay depressant or stimulant doesn't mean you will become depressed or happy. It is categorized by what the chemical or substance does to yout bran function and body functions. Alcohol usually slows the blood flow to your brain and slows the chemical reactions in the brain leaving the person to make irrational decisions, like. "Having fun at parties"

Part of what alcohol depresses is your inhibitions. Your inhibitions are what keep you from acting like idiots at parties and making fools of yourselves and doing things you wouldn't do if you weren't drunk. So when the inhibitions are held down by the alcohol, people 'go crazy.' It would be better if they could let themselves go a little and have fun without getting drunk first.

Overall improvement in mood, increased self-confidence, increased sociability, inhibited judgment and impaired senses. It pretty much takes the edge off of you by making you unable to fully process everything.

Because it releases your inhibitions; in other words, it makes you not embarrassed to have fun and be goofy.

They're stupid? The social part is the fun, not the alcohol

Have you ever seen alcoholics? those ARE NOT HAPPY PEOPLE.

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