How many sips of 40% alcohol gets you drunk?!

Question: How many sips of 40% alcohol gets you drunk?
I dhould know this answer I drink alot im 16 5'10 185 very athletic but I drink usually 70% proof so im new to the low **** how many sips does it take to get fckkkked up?! Thanks cause Its all I got in my house ahaaa either this or couph syrup ! Thanks


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40% isn't low, it's normal hard liquor, in fact 75% is the legal limit in the US

normally, it takes about 4 shots to be legally drunk, that's 6 oz

Ask your parents. It's their booze and 16 is too young to be drinking hard alcohol.

Define a sip.

Well i just had 3 shots of 92 proof and i'm drunk.
so 3 :)

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