What are the side effects of weed brownies?!

Question: What are the side effects of weed brownies?
To be more specific Its gonna be my first time in 15 years (yes I'm 15 yes old) to eat a brownie with chronic mix in it but before I do I wanted to know what the side effects of getting high off it is? And the 2nd question is after that day when i eat it, what can I do to drain it out of my system?


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texhabs stop nagging people so damn much

Same as regular weed. It's just more difficult to make - because yo need to heat the weed just enough to release the THC - but not enough to burn it.

You can get pretty high. Drink A LOT of water.

you will get pretty darn high man definitly for your first time... but theres no real way to get out of your system it will take 30 days just like regular smokin


At your age it's illegal. That is all you need to know.

Mom was a hippie.

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