Im 16 years old and if drink 3 times a week?!

Question: Im 16 years old and if drink 3 times a week?
Hello people im 16 years old and Ive already went to 3 AA meetings so dont say that.. I drink 3 times a week heavily for social ac cations and i know i should but quit but i have a few questions.. I get dizzy once in a while and after i drink i feel like my circulation is bad after i drink and i know its a problem.. Also i have panic attacks about my heart so i get freaked out. I'm not asking for help im just asking if i should stop drinking right away or should i drink like once a week or something until it goes away.. cause i heard you can die from loss of acohol. Plz help cause i feel like im dying thank you


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Firstly I just want to say that I feel your pain, people always say that teenage years are tricky but I'd say that it's more hard than most remember. You've got hormones everywhere, you're just trying to fit in, find your place in the world and sometimes alcahol gives us a break from reality, yes?

However my love, you're on a path to having a very bad relationship with alcahol , potentially involving hospitalization, criminal offences , ruined relationships and there's always a risk of death. You feeling dizzy is your livers way of telling you it's not tolerating it so well. Stop drinking Immediatly.

Your psychosamatic symtoms suggest that you've got slot going on that's driving you to drink so I think it's time to talk to a doctor . Not next month, not next year, Monday morning or tomorrow if your doc does weekends. It's time to get some help that isn't aa - remember that asking for helps means you are strong enough to want to get better. And even asking on here is a start :)

I just want to state that I am not , nor have I ever Been medically trained or qualified in any way and all my answers are purely based on research. I accept no responcibillity for any actions that are suggested and you should always consult a trained physician.

Recovered alcaholic that began drinking at 14

You can die from alcohol withdrawal if your body has become dependent on the alcohol. I doubt you could have been drinking long enough for withdrawal to do that to you. And you don't drink every day. You most likely will not die if you stop drinking now.

If it makes you feel bad, then stop drinking it and see what happens.

Stop being weak and hitting the bottle.

Take up an activity that you enjoy to keep yourself away from the bottle.

If you can't do this then **** you you'll die a drunk in the gutter somewhere; is that good enough motivation.

Your body will cope if you just quit, I promise. You're much more likely to die early if you keep drinking. I've seen it happen, it's a horrible way to go. First, everyone loses respect for you, then you die. It's awful. Just quit, life gets better.

Did your Father or Mother have a drinking problem?

Alcoholism is hereditary.

quit asap , cold turkey.


Gradually taper it off over a few weeks. Drink a little less each day. It is the key to solving most addiction problems.

been there, done that

Get stoned. Its better


Switch to weed
no side effects:)

Then stop drinking it! It's illegal to drink before your 21 in the USA!

Dude what **** are you drinking? Vodka?

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