I'm a Vegan, so can I drink Beefeater Gin?!

Question: I'm a Vegan, so can I drink Beefeater Gin?

Get the Veganeater Gin instead.

I will tell you what is in it and let you decide. Beefeater Gin is made from Juniper Berries, Seville Orange Peel, Almonds, Orris Roots, Coriander Seeds, Lemon Peel, Angelica Seeds, Angelica Roots and Liquorice. Those ingredients are added to a neutral liquor like vodka. Vodka is usually made from grain or potatoes. However, since it is pure 40% ethyl alcohol, it can be made much more cheaply and conveniently from sucrose (supermarket sugar). Since Beefeater's is using all of the other ingredients for flavor, they are probably using a liquor made from sugar. I do not see anything here that would prevent you from drinking it as a vegan, but I am not a vegan.


Yes. However, the Reverend Billy Graham frowns upon your uppity style of drink. I prefer the ice cold burn of Appalachian moonshine straight from the jug.

And the question is a pretty funny one, however ironic it is. It is manufactured from juniper berries so you are good.

yes i believe you can, beefeater is just a name, it doesn't actually have meat in it


No! And don't even try drinking JACK DANIELS they actually stuffed a dude named JACK DANIELS in there!!!!!!!

A hard-core GYPSY enlightened me!!!!

That sounds disgusting. Seriously, I just gagged. Beefeater gin? bleckkkkk

But I'd so go for it.. straight to the liver

Yes but you need to drink it with a large steak to get the best vegan benefits out of it.

i love your tats

no u cant cuz i'm a vegan too and i can't

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