What is the smoothest vodka?!

Question: What is the smoothest vodka?
I have heard quite some hype about Grey Goose... But I've been reading into it, and the Internet is doing what it does best; argue whether it's good or not. So, hopefully I can get some helpful answers here! My mind is not set on Grey Goose, I am open to other vodkas.
The reason I want smooth vodka is because I am going to be mixing at least "half n halfs". My friends and I are having this HUGE celebration party,(I am legal age in Canada to drink), and needless to say we are planning on having a great time!
I have only drank two vodkas: Smirnoff, and Absolut. (Both were not good tasting to me.)

I am not looking for the best TASTING vodka, but rather a vodka I can just drink on the rocks with the least amount of burn. (Before I start mixing it)


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I think the smoothiest Ive had is Reyka and theres another one from France which is really good.(Jean-MarcXO)

''Grey goose'' is good and so is ''Sky90''
Ive wanted to try one called ''42 degrees below ''a smooth New Zealand vodka

smoothness comes from clean distillation of pure ethanol and no bad alcohols. Twenty 2 Micro Distilled vodka made in Maine is the epitome of smooth. It's especially designed for mixed drinks since it is quite tasteless and the alcohol disappears in a mix.

It's limited availability but you can order it online.


I love Absolut vodka.. (I know you said you don't like it.. but it actually tastes good the way I have it) and ALL the other variants they have of it..

My favourite drink -

Just over half vodka, orange juice & then put grenadine in it.. not only does it look cool.. it tastes just as nice if not nicer.. :D - Note that I don't start doing over half until I've had a few.. can't stand straight vodka unless I'm trollied.. ahhaha

sky, smirnoff, absolut = yuck!
belvedere, grey goose = good. top shelf. my favorites, and people will not complain ;) and it's a special occassion. why not break out the good stuff!
ciroc is also okay. not top shelf but not bad either. have fun and drink responsibly!

you need to try sky vodka its not only smooth but comes in different flavors so you can drink it on the rocks

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