What is the OKTOBERFEST?!?!?!?!?!

Question: What is the OKTOBERFEST?!?!?!?!?
Ok, so i was looking at the oktoberfest? + i was wondering .. what happens there? what kind of people go there? like age groups? + also, on average travelling from england, how much would th whole trip cost? :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oktoberfest is world famous and the largest annual event event held in Munich so expect to pay high prices for travelling and accommodation (if you can find any!) when it is on. Munich is already quite expensive.

It attracts most adult age groups (mainly German but also many international travellers) and although it is about drinking beer it is not like a UK beer festival insomuch as you tend to stick with one type of beer all evening because each tent is run by individual breweries and because you are not allowed to drink unless you have a seat it is not always easy to move around from tent to tent. At peak times you need to have a reservation and the most fun is to be had when you are part of a bigger group.

Inside each tent there is of course drinking but also rowdy singing and music from traditional bands.

Outside of the tents there is a large fun fare and lots of traditional German takeaway food but no beer!

If you want to sample beer in Munich then the Starkbier fest earlier in the year is far less commercialised (so cheaper) without the huge crowds.

Been there several times but found it too commercialised. Prefer Munich Bier Gardens when the fest is NOT on!

its celebrated all over the world, but mostly considered German
you just party with lots of beer and german foods.

cost varies by your flight, where you stay, what you eat and drink, and many other things.


Check the dates carefully. You might be surprised at when Oktoberfest is held.

Its a beer festival where you drink beer. And Lots of GERMAN drunk people are evry where

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