Help me come up with a name for this drink?!

Question: Help me come up with a name for this drink?
Hi all, thanks for looking. I need to come up with a creative name idea for a specialty drink for my work place. This specialty drink is for a contest. Here's the thing though. The name of the drink has to include something from the broadway production Wicked. We hosted the actors and actresses two years ago, and called the drink an "Ozmopolotin". It must be different this year though. The drink will be a vivid shade of green, and includes the following items: Ty Ku, pineapple juice, blue cauraco, and a splash of sprite to make it bubbly. It is then garnished with a lime slice. Thanks for your imput!


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wicked Ty ku or Blue wicked ty ku


Hope i helped x :)

Long shlong


TinMan Lube
Scarecrow Surprise
"I wish I was in Kansas Cosmo"
Wicked Witch of the West Brew

Liquid witch

my answer is wicked emerald sensation

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