Does beer dehydrates the body more than vodka or whiskey?!

Question: Does beer dehydrates the body more than vodka or whiskey?
When I drink beer I pee a lot more than when drinking spirits like vodka or whiskey, so do I lose more water by drinking beer? I know that I pee a lot more because I have to drink more beer to get a nice buzz but is there any other factor that makes me pee more?


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The dehydration caused by drinking too much alcohol is due to a number of things including the toxicity of the acid that gathers in your stomach and intestines (which can for example lead to nausea) as well as excess insulin production. To answer your question, alcohol is alcohol and it dehydrates all the same, however check the labels of the stuff you drink - vodka is often 40% alcohol while beer is somewhere in the 20% and under range. But you're absolutely right, you get more dehydrated with the beer because you drink much more of it, since beer is even drank in pints and vodka and whiskey are drank in small shots - all for a reason, you know? :)

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read some information about it and you'll know all this stuff yourself!

i have the same problem, but i think everyone who drinks more beer, goes to the bathroom alot. i do feel more dehydrated when i drink whiskey or vodka. so your not alone.

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