Question about beer pong?!

Question: Question about beer pong?
In beer pong, if you throw the ping pong ball and it missed the cups, do you have to drink a beer on your side, their side, or no beer at all?



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you drink when they get it in your cups.

or when you're parched haha

no beer pong the only way you drink is if someone shoots from the other side and makes it in a cup or if you happen to knock over one of the cups because then its alcohol abuse and the games over and you loose and have to finish all cups

When I make it i drink too when i miss it i drink when they lose i help them finish all the beers... I mean who is reallly losing at beer pong if you arent the one drinking???

PONG baby

Drink every beer

No beer unless you want to drink

No you don't have to drink. Beers on each side stay where they are

I think it depends on house rules. But that sounds like a good one if you want to instill it :P

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