Does only distilled drinks hurts the liver?!

Question: Does only distilled drinks hurts the liver?
Is it safe to drink beer?


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First alcohol does not hurt your liver. It simply metabolizes the alcohol dumping its glucose to make room. Saying it damages your liver is like saying air damages your lungs. Secondly it is the ethanol, no matter what form, that your liver metabolizes. So if it distilled or not makes no difference.

At best you can call alcohol a contributing factor to liver disease. But then again you could say the same about steak.

All alcohol damages the liver over time,stick within guidelines and the damage will be minimal,over indulge and damage will be done and each bit of damage mounts up until the liver stops working. Don't forget it also damages brain cells .
It is safe to drink any alcohol if you stick to the guidelines but if you don't then beer damages just as much as spirits.

Drinking in moderation will cause no liver damage. Drinking heavily over many years (10+) can cause a disease called cirrhosis in which scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in the liver. The alcohol is what does the damage so it can be from vodka, whiskey, beer, etc. This does not happen to everyone that drinks heavily but the risk for getting cirrhosis greatly increases if you are a heavy drinker. If you drink a beer or two every day, it is very unlikely that it will cause any problem. It takes a lot more than that to hurt a liver.

any alcoholic drink in moderation, ie trying to stick to the goverment guide lines is safe, its when you over indulge that harmful effects can appear

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