At what age did you start drinking alcohol?!

Question: At what age did you start drinking alcohol?
After seeing several questions where people seem to think it's appalling to drink alcohol before you reach adulthood I was wondering how old people were when they started drinking. Surely Americans don't wait until they're 21 to try their first sip of alcohol (for example)?

I used to be given watered down wine from about the age of ten, I'm now nearly 18 and drink very sensibly. I have beer and wine at home, occasionally something like port or sherry and when I go out I normally have beer, wine or sometimes a cocktail. I hate alcohol pops and I don't go binge drinking. I feel it's better that I've been slowly introduced to alcohol and I actually appreciate it for it's flavour, not just because it makes me feel nice (although that helps too).

I think I might regret asking this, but what are your lovely opinions on when people should start drinking? And when did you have your first taste of alcohol?


i've tired alcohol when i was like 3 but it was only a drop. when i was 20, i stared drinking regularly. alcohol is not a big deal in my opinion...

My parents would give me lil sips of their beer when I was young, say 3 or 4. But I didn't really start drinking until I was 12 or 13. And I'm American.

13 but responsibly ;)



I started drinking around 18 years old

From the age of 12 ...
I don`t drink now ...

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