What is the drinking water like where you live?!

Question: What is the drinking water like where you live?
Here where I live it is not good! We have arsenic in the water so we have to use filtration systems. I heard New York City had really good water, I have never been there but that is what I heard.


Wow, this sound bad.. Redcorn town have many-good drinky water.. . I drink tap water everyday, and it very clean and have good water taste!

I live in UK the south and the waters good although i tihnk you can get hard water or soft water if you get a special machine? So you could try that

Here in London it's perfect. Only the 'snobby' types or health freaks use filtration or buy bottled water

Very nice with the added bonus of being fluorinated (Birmingham, England)


We have bore wells (all time)
But river source (for limited time)

Well I use RO water purifier

It's great in Scotland (in Glasgow and Edinburgh at least).

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