Do you have a favorite beer?!

Question: Do you have a favorite beer?
If so, what is it?


This isn't just my favorite beer list. It is one everyone should open up to think about.
The top five beer's in my opinion are the following:
1. Miller High Life - My favorite casual beer when i'm with friends.
2. Corona w/ Lime - A refreshing summer time beer, good for: The beach, pool, hot tub, relaxing and bright environments.
3. Ace (Cider Beer) - Best tasting with a meal out with your lady, you don't have the smell of alcohol strong on your breath, and your lady friend will love the fruit and cider taste of it as well.
4. Key Stone - Best for BEER PONG. Really? Who doesn't love a cheap beer for gaming purposes. You'll be tipsy before you realize how bad the quality of beer is.
5. Budweiser - Best beer for Game Day Football, Hockey, etc. Real good tasting with wings, peanuts, burgers, chips and etc. Also one of the biggest known beers as far as sports sponsors, so its much accepted for any sporting event at the house on the big screen.

Hope this was enjoying for you to read and maybe you'll try some of these.


It's not a beer but it is blissfully wonderful.


any of Munichs Big 6

JW Augusteiner
Hacker Pshoor

Smirnoff i don't know if its spelled correctly but my fave flavor is strawberry

Bud light when i can afford it but if not its the Beast

Modelo Especial

Theakston's Old Peculier

Yes. Stella Arterois

negra modelo


La Petite, house beer at Orval. Pure ambrosia.

Molson Ex

Anchor Steam

Hacker Pschorr

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