Do "bubbles" in sparkling wine make you "tipsy" quicker than non "bubbly" wines.?!

Question: Do "bubbles" in sparkling wine make you "tipsy" quicker than non "bubbly" wines.?
I have heard that the "bubbles" in sparkling wine can make a person "tipsy" more quickly. Assuming that the alcohol content of a "bubbly" wine (e.g. sparkling wines) and a less "bubbly" wine (e.g. Merlot) is the same, what is the validity of this statement.


Actually, manberg, carbonation does make a difference-your body absorbs the alcohol faster.

But WTF with all the quotation marks? As slang, tipsy may require them, but bubbles and bubbly are actual regular words.

Bubbles make absolutely no difference. It's all about alcohol content.

Barbara's correct. The C02 speeds up alcohol absorption into the blood.

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