Beer: Heineken or Budweiser ?!

Question: Beer: Heineken or Budweiser ?
Which do you prefer, and why if you care to share ...


I'm more of a vodka girl, but if I had to pick a beer, it would be heineken only because it has more flavor. Budweiser tastes like water to me. Only thing is heineken tastes good when it's ICE COLD, as with any other beer hahaha

I prefer to drink Heineken as the taste reveals a direct flavor profile that includes light grains, light hops, and a touch of metal without much disctinction. The taste starts out sweet and then finsihes dry, with the skunky character present from start to finish.

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They are both rubbish - apologies for proper beer. Learn about REAL beer - that which is brewed and matured in the traditional manner. In the UK that means cask-conditioned beer, sold in a pub and served in pints. Anything in a can is usually rubbish.

Did you know that Budweiser (the US apology - not the REAL Czech brew) is made largely from rice, not barley?

There are much better beers than even Heineken. Try going to a liquor store that sells mixed 6 packs. Get a sample of different types and find something else you may like. some domestics are VERY good and much cheaper than Heineken. .......PS. Budweiser = Warm dog piss that has been allowed to set in the sun and mold. and that is on a good day.

Budweiser Budvar is a great lager from Czech Republic.

THE REAL BUDWEISER IS BUDWEISER BUDVAR. It is a lager and like most beers brewed in the Czech Republic it is delicious and satisfying.

I never had the US Budweiser. Sorry.

Heineken for sure, ideal to drink and smoking a Cohiba cuban cigar!

There are so many beers out there with all the micro-brews and imports. Why limit yourself to just a couple brands. Variety is the spice of life, live it up. Try a new beer every Friday.

both of the are terrible

->Stella Artois

Living in the country with greatest variety of fine beer in the world (Belgium)

Heineken = Beer
Budweiser = Dog pee

Heineken!!! \m/



Never Budweiser

Heineken .. Budweiser has this awful taste

Not much a fan of either. Bud American Ale isn't bad though.

both of them suck

your a drunking punk

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