Am I drinking to much?!

Question: Am I drinking to much?
I am 25yrs old I drink 375ml of crown royal whishky or sometimes 6 pack canadian beer every day. I m eating light snack with drink. I went to doc he did some tests n said to half the amount I drink or to drink on weekends. But this was 2yrs bck but now he is saying same thing. I m drinking same uptill am I drinking to much?


Did he do liver enzine tests? They should show if your levels are up and your liver is being effected. But just my personal opinion, you are probably drinking a bit much. A beer or two a day probably wouldn't do too much damage...but a 6 pack a day may be a bit excessive, especially if you are sitting down and chuggin it all during a short period of time.

Only you know if you are drinking too much for you. One person's 6 beers is another person's 12 beers, ya feel me?

No, you can never actually drink too much.

thats alot man, i mostly just drink on weekends and thatll turn me off alcohol for the rest of the week lol

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