what is the rarest type of liquor on earth?!

Question: What is the rarest type of liquor on earth?
what is the rarest type of liquor on earth- and when I say type, I don't mean 'a moonshiner's last batch' or 'the kind you can't find', I need the name of real liquor types, such as corn whiskey, absinthe, etc. I am also not looking for the most expensive liquors and no auction results, please.

I think pot still rum or white high-thujone absinthe might be rare, but i do not know for sure.


Mescaline (not mezcal) liquor.

Blue Label 200th Anniversary – 2005 saw Johnnie Walker's extremely limited bottling of its ultimate blend. A special release of cask strength Blue Label, in a special square Baccarat crystal decanter. It is the most expensive Johnnie Walker product, selling recently for over $3,599.99 a bottle.

Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnnie_Walker


teachers 60 i have had two bottles of this 1992 and can find no information on the web at all in england or usa ?

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