Did you know we have really good beer in the U.S.A.?!

Question: Did you know we have really good beer in the U.S.A.?
Really. There are hundreds and hundreds of little microbreweries making fine craft beer. The liquor store near my house sells 23 different types of beer, and at least 10 of them are really good. You would never know it living abroad though, because we only export very crappy beer like Coors and Bud.


My fav beer is good. Your the point of your statement is not news. There has been great beer being made in the good ole USA for forty+ (40) years now and each day more is made. I wonder about your calling "very crappy beer like Coors and Bud." because I fail to see them as very crappy. I think that lack a certain punch and excitement but not crappy by any stretch of imagination. To each their own I suppose.

Yes I well know that many good beers exist. The problem with these many good beers is that many crappy "made in vain by alchemy brewers" beers pass off as good yet in actuality are pure rubbish. I as soon drink a mass produced Bud/Coors than some of the crap brewers are currently pouring into a nice innocent beer. For some their beer rebelliousness has become a practice of utter ridiculousness. There are many fine beers being brewed in the U. S. from coast to coast.

On the other hand if YOU had a palate you can taste the subtle green apple and lemon natural flavors that are a part of the light flavored Budweiser. Your insistent need for hypped-up flavor has blinded your ability to be a fair and balanced beer judge and learn. From a true person of beer it is you that needs to develop a palate for beer.

Experimental Beers: Two Beer Guys Discuss the “Unusual”
"This might suggest that all experimental beers are good. I’ve had beer with seaweed, heather, flowers, hemp, thistles and just about everything except dirt (of course I wouldn’t know if it was dirt). Not all were good. Some were excellent and some were really bad. But this is no different from sampling wine or beers from various wineries and breweries – some are good and some are not. Overall, I encourage brewers to use their imagination and experiment. Who knows what great beers are out there yet to be discovered?”'

By Beth Bates, www.chickslovebeer.com

Nuff Said

There are about 1,500 microbreweries/brewpubs in the US. We aren't just the land of crap like Bud/Miller/Coors anymore.

Yes, imported Canadian beer.

I love American Craft beer. =)


Try Anchor Steam

I happen to think Coors is a very good beer and not crappy*

yes i do....

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