What can i put on the RIM of my bloody mary?!

Question: What can i put on the RIM of my bloody mary?
I have margarita salt, celery salt and onion powder and pepper....anything else???


I love just the celery salt and fresh ground pepper. The rim is clean before I even finish the bloody mary. And wet the rim with lime juice first, great combination.

I like to zest a little lemon and add it to the salt, brings a good fresh taste to it. Would be good with celery salt. You could also use lemon pepper I guess, but that could compete with the flavors, I'd go w/ lemon zest :)

lol@ your lips. Bloodies don't usually get anything on the rim, but I put pepper and celery salt in the drink, give it a good stir and top it with some more.

Your lips -enjoy !!!! :-)

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