Help with mixed drinks (alcohol)?!

Question: Help with mixed drinks (alcohol)?
I am trying to find an easy but good drink combo with gin,vodka,etc. I found jungle juice or hairy buffalo or whatever you wanna call it and it seems good.

so I saw the recipe calls for gin, rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, fruit, and fruit punch.

I wanted to simplify the recipe so I need to know if you think this will work or at least will taste pretty good:

8oz gin
8oz rum
8oz tequila
8oz vodka
8oz whiskey
40 to 80oz if fruit punch (to taste)

does that sound ok? I know it's like something totally different now but o well.

2 more questions:

1. What kind of fruit punch? Like koolaid mix or hawaian punch or ...?

2. Any other types of liquor I can sub in? I have triplesec, gin, and apple schnaps right now and the less I have to buy the better? Out of vodka, whiskey and rum which should I def have?

sorry this is really drawn out but I haven't done this yet. Thanks


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why don't you play around with your combination with liquor live's advance search tool. You can add/remove until you find something that works for you. For instance I searched vodka and gin and here is what I got:…

Hope you can find a good combo. Good luck!

liquor live

I'd definitely remove the whiskey. It doesn't pair well flavorwise with the rest of your ingredients.
Be advised that your drink is going to be ridiculously strong, even with 80 ounces of juice. I'd add some seltzer at the end to cut it a bit more and to give it some carbonation.

It sounds like it would taste like crap. Like, holy ****, I can't even imagine. You could use anyb kind of fruit punch for something like that, also you could sub for rum or vodka but keep it simple (no need to buy a Vanilla vodka, just get vodka)

You could try my Toothless Jagerbomb that I made up in college while I was sloshed one night:

-Red Bull
-Orange juice
-Ol Grandad Kentucky Bourbon

... it's not meant to be enjoyed.

There's also a Blood of Satan... Jack, Jamieson, Goldschager and Jager. Tastes like death but it does the job.

... or you could just experiment around. Try using different mixers, flavored alcohols, etc and keep the ingredients themselves simple.

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