Difference between white wine and dry white wine in cooking?!

Question: Difference between white wine and dry white wine in cooking?
I'm cooking a pasta dish tonight, and just realized that the recipe calls for "dry" white wine, and I just bought regular white wine. Will the overall taste of the dish be affected?


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The amount you will use in it it won't make much difference at all.

Don't ever use something called Cooking Wine. It's made from the lowest quality grapes available and loaded with sodium. Yes, sodium.

Almost any white table wine will be fine for cooking. Stay away from Rieslings (some are dry, but many are sweet) and obviously junk like White Zinfandel.

I'm a sommelier.

They're the same. Dry means not too sweet. So if you didn't get a sweet wine it's fine. Even if you did it's not that big of a deal. Most of it cooks off anyway. If you're in doubt then just get a new bottle and drink the first one.


As long as you didn't buy a sweet white wine you should be fine.

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