Designated driver kissing someone who has been drinking?!

Question: Designated driver kissing someone who has been drinking?
I have my green P's, and therefore can not have any alcohol in my system when driving. If I am driving to a party, and kiss/make out with someone who has been drinking, is it possible for some traces of alcohol to be picked up in my breath?


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salava dilution from his to yours, would not be measureable..smell, guy would have to of just drank a shot to get any aroma from you, if any

you might smell it on your breath. but you won't have alcohol in your system so you should pass any tests like that though. I watched a tv show where a man used that as an excuse to the cop about why he was drunk, he said he hadn't been drinking but made out with someone who had been, the cop said "did your tongue reach her stomach? no? then that's not how you got drunk.

I had to look up what green p's was, and I still don't get it. haha

You will be fine. You don't get a significant amount of alcohol in your system that way.


i don't think so

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