the best drinks to order at the bar?!

Question: The best drinks to order at the bar?
the sexiest coolest drinks for girls to order, something classic not too strong


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Here is your dilemma: classic drinks are strong. Go bold and classy, go for the perfect martini, (thats a martini with equal parts dry and sweet vermouth) and opt for the lemon peel instead of the olives. Its is strong, so slip slowly.

I quite like cocktails. :) I'd say...a Margarita, or a Cosmopolitan or (my personal favourite) a Mojito! :D But if you're not a fan of cocktails, then I'd recommend maybe a vodka and coke or I quite like Malibu and coke/lemonade. Hope that helps!

I sound like such an alkie... :/

Vodka lemon lime bitters is a yummy standard drink.
If you want to go to cocktails then Midori Splices, Mojitos or Blue Lagoons.

Mount Gay Rum, Ginger Ale, lots of ice and a squeezed chunk of lime that iss rubbed around the glass rim to give it that mmmmm factor


Long vodka is really nice.

Sex on the beach

i dont drink, but Kir Royale is very popular where i work

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