"Daddy, I don't want to drink this." Does anyone remember this cocktail recipe?!

Question: "Daddy, I don't want to drink this." Does anyone remember this cocktail recipe?
Late 1970s, early 1980s. Cocktail bars in the Midwest had a drink called "Daddy, I don't want to drink this." I remember it contained Triple Sec and blackberry brandy, but the rest of the recipe is gone from my mind. I also remember that one was enough, two was deadly.

Anyone remember it?


Sounds filthy, and the name is magnificent, though I cannot recall any such thing from our Southern watering-holes. Based on the blackberry brandy and triple-sec, my mixological sensibilities tell me it ought to be topped off with vodka and some sort of juice, unless it was a shooter.

Here are all 685 drinks containing Triple Sec

Here are all 65 drinks containing Blackberry Brandy

Only one contains both: Cadiz

Sadly, nothing is called "Daddy, I don't want to drink this." At least none that I could find.

Perhaps your dad tried to force you to drink a Cadiz and you said....Daddy, I don't want to drink this.

Good luck in your search. Sounds like a good drink, though.


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