Will I ever aquire a taste for alcohol?!

Question: Will I ever aquire a taste for alcohol?
Okay, so right now the only thing I can actually say I enjoy drinking is wine coolers and smirnoff.

I can not stand the taste of alcohol at all, nor can I stomach hard liquor. Margaritas even make me gag from the taste of the tequila. I absolutely hate tequila. If I drink any that's all I can taste the rest of the night and it makes me sick, just the taste.

I can stomach vodka if it's in something like cranberry juice, but other than that I can't stand the taste of alcohol in general. Not even beer.

I've only been drunk like twice, and only drank a handful of times. Will I ever get to the point where I can drink something that actually has a decent amount of alcohol in it?


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How about wines like champagne, they taste good. Actually, you can buy good tasting wine, red or white, for a cheaper price. Something like under $10. I love sweet wine specially those that goes with my favorite meals. Wines have lower alcohol content compared to hard liquors so they should taste better.
To give you the idea for some alcoholic drinks.
Wine Coolers-4-7% alcohol by volume
Table Wine 8-14% alcohol by volume
Port Wine 20% alcohol by volume
Beer 2-7% alcohol by volume
Bourbon 51-79 % abv
Everclear 75-95 % abv
Gin 37.5 % abv
Rum 37.5-57 % abv
Tequila 40-50 % abv
Vodka 35-50 % abv
Whisky 40-53.3 % abv
German Schnapps 20-40 % abv
You can actually develop your taste for alcohol. You can start with fermented drinks like wine, if you think you can do some level up, you can try liquors like brandy and whisky. There are good tasting brandy or whiskey out there but I don't want recommending products. Just ask your friends. Then, choose the one that taste better to you.
Remember, liquors and wines need certain temperature to taste better, some goes with ice, some just ordinary room temperature, some need to be chilled. They also goes with different foods like cheese, red meat or sea foods to perfectly complement their flavors. Don't just drink, be creative with your tastebud. One thing more... drink moderately.


Drink what you like. That said, you currently have an inexperienced, unsophisticated palate. It will most likely develop over time, but not everyone's does.

Do yo happen to like coffee? Olives? Vinegar? If so, there's hope for you. ;)

You got me... Is this what you are looking for? http://inhut.info/347345/wine-coolers


so drink the things you like. you don't have to get drunk. drinking alcohol is not compulsory. listen to your body.

Your body is smart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXjANz9r5…


thats good you dont like it, its an aqcuired taste for most. keep drinking it though and youll enjoy the effects so much that you will learn to love that posionous fluid

Just don't drink it. It's better to avoid it than sound like you can't handle it.

Start with scotches and try to get accustomed to that. After a while, alcohol will taste like water.

Of course I would just keep trying different drinks until you find one that you can work with

You have luck and you should avoid alcohol !

Why do you have to?

I'm guessing you're drinking the cheapest crap out there and trying to drink it too fast. You sound like you like your stuff sweet (good way to get a stomach ache, really) but try getting a bottle of cherry Dr. McGillicuddy (an entire 15% alcohol and tastes like candy) take very small sips until you can handle bigger ones. If you get to the point where you can handle a decent swig, try a shot. From their, maybe a shot half vodka half McGillicuddy. You're working towards shots of full 80 proof liquor, which isn't easy, but it makes other alcohol easier.

The question is whether its worth it. I say yes. I find nothing more satisfying than mixing myself up a nice old fashion- which is basically pure alcohol, and sipping at it for half an hour.

Remember: sugar and alcohol make for a very queezy stomach, so spread that McGillicuddy out. Also, try not to spend less than $15 on a liter of liquor or $20 on a 1.75- even then you might have to try different brands to find a taste you like.

Oh, last though for you- try some Captain Morgan and orange juice. Not too sweet, but sorta Orange Julius tasting. A good beginer drink really. Actually, captain is a pretty good beginner liquor all around.

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