What's the worst drink?!

Question: What's the worst drink?
Anything, anywhere.


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tequila stuff taste so nasty

EVERCLEAR is by far the nastiest thing and most dangerous drink I have ever tasted. I'm so dumb for even drinking it (95% alcohol) didnt even mix it. Also, Steel Reserve is cheap nasty beer...It's only like a dollar or something for a huge can of it .....taste like pure poop! Those are the first 2 nasty drinks that come to mind!

tobacco juice.


Really cheap wine. Or Stroh rum. Its Austrian and something like 80% alcohol. Its ******* hell in a bottle.

beer is nice once you dont buy the cheap stuff budwiser or miller is good. also pops are just sicking

Jagermeister. 'nuff said.

Absinthe. Unless you like the flavor of rocket fuel and liquorice.

4Loko, cheap *** liquor **** but gets you messed up, Extremly nasty though.

Tennessee local Amber GROSS


carbonated water, or beer.

neither of them have flavor and they are gross.

Salt kool-aid in Africa.


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