i'd had a small bottle of vodka the other day.. 13 units..?!

Question: I'd had a small bottle of vodka the other day.. 13 units..?
apparantly it's really bad, i didn't realize so until today

i looked into it after someone sayin it was
an found this:


i mixed my drinks with pepsi max though
i drank it in about 30-45 mins tho, not 15 like in that other question someone else asked
and i DID NOT drink it straight..

so .. yeah.. my point is.. how bad exactly is this? cos i only felt a *Bit* drunk and i can remember it all vividly.. an at the same time i dont get hangovers. well. i say a bit drunk, i was quite drunk actually but. i felt quite in control of it and i do remember it all too.. so. i'm just curious now. and if this makes a difference to ur opinion/answer im 5'8 & 138 lbs, male


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I think that ron is a self-serving ***. If you are drinking just 13 units in one day and that's it, you are fine. I would agree that 13 units everyday is bad but not one day or even each day on the weekends (3) or better 2 days and half that on the third.

i drink waaayyyy more than that on an average weekend so i wouldnt worry bout it at all

youl be fine mate. live on the edge!

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