Can I serve hamburgers with champagne?!

Question: Can I serve hamburgers with champagne?
I'm making special occasion burgers, and I want it to be a celebration. Can I have champagne with my burgers? I know wine would be better, but I'd really like to serve champagne. If so, a dry or sweeter champ and what types of cheeses for my gourmet burgers?


Burgers (especially with fries) and Champagne is a pretty common pairing. Champagne is the most food-friendly wine out there, due to high acid levels. Really, it pairs with almost anything (as long as the anything isn't sweeter than the Champagne).

Almost any cheese is just fine. I think something smoked would be awesome, like Smoked Gouda or Smoked Cheddar.

You want to stay away from the more delicate Champagnes, like Perrier Jouet and Billecart-Salmon. The burgers will overpower them. A personal fave that's really reasonably priced is Gruet, which is a sparkling wine out of New Mexico, of all places. I especially like the Rosé, which is made entirely from the Pinot Noir grape, giving the wine a bit more intensity and red fruit characteristics. Plus, it's only about $15. To achieve the same level of quality from a true Champagne (Champagne can only come from Champagne, France), you'd have to spend >$50.

I'm a sommelier.

To be honest, when I think hamburgers, I think Iced tea, grilling and a picnic. However, if this is your celebration; how about making it a "really classy" one, and go with a "formally comfortable" setting. Sound a little confusing? Think of yourself as one of your favorite cooking shows, if you have one. I think fancy burgers and a sweet champagne would make a meal to remember(in a good way).

Of course you can serve champagne with burgers. Go for the drier sparklers. I've had burgers with feta, sharp cheddar, definitely not the sliced stuff with the plastic wrappers, smoked gouda is great. My wife, Dianne, see the two "n's", had one once with brie and said it was great.

Trying the cheeses and champagnes out before your party could be a great party in itself.

Cheap or expensive Champagne ? it would be a sacrilege to serve real Champagne with burgers. But you can serve Champagne as an aperitif, now that would be nice.
And after this serve what people would like.
Always use BRUT Champagne.
If you serve cheap Champagne ? Use Asti spumante it is nice.

You can, but frankly the burgers will completely overpower the taste of the champagne.

you can serve champagne with anything you like. you can even serve it with mcdonald's $1.00 menu

Stuff the burgers with Gorgonzola. The texture will be amazing, and it is very rich and creamy. Would go best with a Brut or dry champagne.

get asti spumonte and serve it with a pasta if you could instead of the burgers. but if you serve the burgers add fries or gourmet potatoes

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