Was this a trip or a bad trip?!

Question: Was this a trip or a bad trip?
I smoked some medical stuff and it was super dank my first time and within 2 hits I was smashed. My depth perception was completely gone. Two trees at the end of a path looked like a wolf to me and a deer to my friends. I could barely walk. I would move my eyes one way and my vision would be delayed as if lagging. I had a orgasmic like feeling behind my jaws and I was laughing my *** off at nothing and could only use a high voice. I was definitely high but was it laced. I got kinda scared I was having a bad trip. At one point I was listening to techno and I laid down and as the music slowed into waves deep tone and slow my heart rate went so slow I passed out for like a second. Then I was scared cause my heart was beating fast and I held my breath to slow the heart rate and I closed my eyes and I almost passed out as my heart rate slowed down to very slow and I could feel the blood pulsing in my ears and legs and arms and it was somewhat pleasant. We bought 3Gs of mostly nugs for $80


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wrong section buster.

Wait, was this kush? Or were you smoking salvia or something? I don't think I've ever had a trip like that from weed. Was it your first time smoking? You were probably just paranoid. Weed will make your heart beat faster, and sometimes make you sweat- don't worry, that's normal. And ya, you'll laugh your *** off at things that wouldn't normally be funny. You'll think about things you wouldn't normally think about, and react to things differently but weed is NOT a hallucinogen. I don't know why you were seeing things...

Dumb *** question

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