Anybody know how much Hooter girls make on an average night ?!

Question: Anybody know how much Hooter girls make on an average night ?
Im going in there monday to speak with a manager & just wanna know what to expect . & if any hooters girls can give me some tips that would be great too (:


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If you're ugly not as much. The pretty girls obviously would get better tips.

The people who eat at places like Hooters don't have much money... at least not as much compared to more upper crust places. Their food prices are cheap so the check averages suck and your tips will tend to be on the lower end. My best friend worked there and on average she pulled in $125 per shift but she definitely had to work for it. She had to deal with a LOT of losers, most of whom were on the young side who weren't the best tippers and those who had money were older, ugly, creepy types. She had to flirt with those and was disgusted most of the time. She now works for The Cheesecake Factory where she makes way more money.

She said all you have to do is be super friendly at the interview, smile A LOT and show great energy. They LOVE that! Oh... and don't look like you're trying too hard to look sexy. They'll laugh at you in the back room LOL

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