Is Paul Masson really cheap?!

Question: Is Paul Masson really cheap?
im new to drinking and when i was a teenager would drink anything just get ****** up(burnettes vodka....GROSS!!!) i tried paul masson this time and it was so cheap that it made me think im just gunna throw up for not buying something exclusive like hennessey. does cheap liquor really make a difference?


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Everybody starts somewhere and it is usually with the cheap stuff. I started drinking wine over 30 years ago and the wine I started with was Paul Masson. Over a long period of time I have become to appreciate many of the finer wines, but there was a time when I would have sworn there was nothing better than Paul Masson. Cheap does not make a difference, just give it time and after a while you will learn what you like best .

No cheap liquor doesn't taste bad,,, It doesn't have to be expensive to taste good. There are a gazillion wines in the $5-10.00 range that are all excellent.

pro chef, wine lover too

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