Was it wrong to buy my neighbor a bottle good quality vodka, if he's a alcohalic? ?!

Question: Was it wrong to buy my neighbor a bottle good quality vodka, if he's a alcohalic? ?
He's old and retired kind man drinks CHEAP vodka straight up in plastic cup with ice. I thought it would be nice for something expensive for new year. My family didn't think so.


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Right. The thought was nice but the actual contribution to his ailing health was not so bright of a thing to do. Go over and have a few shots with him explaining how you felt he deserved a nice tipple to get pissed on.

If he did not manipulate you into doing it, and he doesn't expect you to pay for his habit, then it was a gift as far as you were concerned and that was the end of it. Besides, if he is an alcoholic, then he is going to drink whatever he can get, from Listerine to Sterno; so, your actions probably brightened his day and made no difference otherwise.

arh!!! bless u..your heart was in the right place ..iv done something simlar b 4 ha .not even thinking...
dont worry about it ..hes old an retired and its proberly what he enjoys and its up 2 him what he does..the thought was there hun :) xx

yeah you shouldn't be encouraging him
take him to alcoholics anonymous and tell him what he's doing to himself

He's going to drink anyway. Might as well give him something nice to drink.

knowingly..why would u wanna contribute n support his habit?? why enable him?? if u wanted to do smthn nice..Im certain u could have found a better way to do so....

That was very nice of you, it was not wrong.

I think it was very nice of you

that was a fine present

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