how long does a opened bottle of vodka last?!

Question: How long does a opened bottle of vodka last?

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Months and months until so much dirt turns it to alcoholic mud, still a drink worthy of any alcoholic but not so pleasant.

It will last indefinitely, and, contrary to what the person says about it tasting bad after two months, it'll taste fine. Vodka is an odorless, flavorless distillate by nature. Two months isn't going to change that.

alcohol kills bacteria, so like it says 2 floors up, forever. however, i don't recommend drinking after 2 months, the taste is bad.

If the top is on, just about forever. Stick it in the freezer and it is even better.

Depends on the size, but for me it doesn't last long ...

About 3 hours when the in laws are over...

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