How to make someone Sick?!

Question: How to make someone Sick?
Is there a poison that affects a person without being near them? or a poison that affects the person a week later? k thanks (: No killing,


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You could culture salmonella from chicken. Just let the chicken go back and you will have a bunch of them buggers. Put some of the juice in their salad. It should take a couple of days till it hits them hard.

Theres the 'Death Touch' - a martial arts master can just touch someone with his finger tip lightly and make that person drop dead at a defined time in the future. there was a case where the master touched a man and he died 2 years later - like he said he would with no explaned cause

Why are you even asking this? Harming someone will come back to you three times three; so I'd get this out of your head if I were you.

Why would you wish to harm another human being in any way? That is just drawing bad karma your way.


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