How long will I live with my drinking habits and all my other unhealthy habits?!

Question: How long will I live with my drinking habits and all my other unhealthy habits?
I am a nearly 24 year old female who drinks 3 bottles of wine or 3 bottles of mixed cocktails each weekend or 3 bottles of other kind of alcoholic drink. And I weight 260 lbs and never exercise (except for occasionally going out for a walk to the liquer store to buy my alcohol) as far as I heard walking is considered exercise and I have high cholesterol and high triglycerides and high blood sugars. How much longer will i live with this lifestyle? What day will I most likely die and how old will I be at the time of death?


Yes they are unhealthy but you can live the life you want to. As long as you are happy in your travels, I honestly wouldnt worry and just enjoy the moment!

There are no answers to your questions. Too many variables.
However, I would say the real question is how much painful and humiliating illness will you endure before you finally die? I work in health care and I can assure you that there are many fates worse than death. Just for a small example-diabetes in a person such as yourself leads to gangrene of the extremities. So, how many appendages will you have to have amputated? That's the kind of thing I mean.

It already has affected your health in the long term and if you carry on like that you already notice.
The body can repair itself to a large extent but even that has it's limits. The choice is yours

You need to radically change your life and leave the environment surrounding you.

the sulotion is islam

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