why do people have such a low tolerance for alcohol ?!

Question: Why do people have such a low tolerance for alcohol ?
I know this girl and she can drink one beer and be drunk, stumbling all over the place, stuttering her words etc. I kinda wish I had that sometimes but why do people have low tolerances in general?


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The larger the person, the more they can handle before becoming intoxicated. A person who drinks on an empty stomach will become intoxicated faster than one who drinks after eating a large meal.

It's all genetics.

I knew a woman who drank like she had a hollow leg.
It was exam week. So I was first one at bar at 9am.
Minutes later she and her boyfriend came in.
When I left for my 11am exam, she had had six whiskey sours.
I finished the exam and was back at the bar before noon.
She was still there and had four more before leaving for a 2pm.
Never saw anyone drink that much and walk straight.

Many things factor into low alcohol tolerance. One is weight and size of the person. The other is found in the genes. Some people have an "allergic" reaction to alcohol. Yes, alcoholism is heredity. Then there are many triggers that lead a fragile person to over indulge.

we all are all unique individuals, it's as simple as that. some of us can take a good teasing while others cant. same with alcohol and other drugs. some users of cocaine you would never guess they were users and others........different story.

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