Can voldka make you puke the day after?!

Question: Can voldka make you puke the day after?
i had about 1 1/2 shots of voldka one night and i never drank before. the night after i got really sick and had the feeling ttht i really had to throw up and i did a little and then i went to bed and felt alot better when i woke up. did the voldka make me sick? and is this normal!?


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Vodka.. Of all beverages can of course make you sick if you have too much. You seem to have experienced a hangover, which is very normal after having too much Alcohol. Always drink responsibly.

6 shots last night. HA.

If you didn't eat anything before you drank then you're more likely to get sick & throw up. You should always eat a good sized meal before you drink so it can absorb the alcohol you're about to put in it. Your liver has nothing to do with you throwing up. Throwing up is your body's way of saying there's something in there that may harm you. It's trying to protect itself. Just eat something & listen to your body next time. You'll be ok.

yea as does all alcohol in to large amounts


I doubt it. That is nothing really. Did you mix it with anything? Eat something off?

Apparently it can .. oh and it's vodka. No l needed.

your body (liver) can only tolerate so much. Too much of anything can make you sick

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