Recommend me a good beer which i can buy in New Zealand?(I will give 10 points for the best answer)!?!

Question: Recommend me a good beer which i can buy in New Zealand!?(I will give 10 points for the best answer)!!?
Im looking for good quality beer to try money is not an issue i like beer Carlsberg so far it's my favorite premium lager which i can easily find in New Zealand plus it's have rich taste which last for long time in your mouth

So recommend me a good beer which i should try this weekend but please don't give some hard name beers which i never heard of or can't find it i want something easy to find not something i have to travel to another country for special brewery lol

Im in New Zealand Auckland thx!.

Walk up to the bar and ask for a 'black'!. You will get the local stout!. It's fantastic (and absolutely nothing like a Carlsberg)!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

My suggestion would be a few bottles of Baltika 7 (Балтика), the export lager from Saint Petersburg, Russia!.

Like Carlsberg, Baltika is light, but full of flavor!.

Baltika is the second largest brewery in Europe behind Heineken!.

Besides, it would be perfect for a Russian pimp in New Zealand!.


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