Need alcohol and clubbing advice..drinks?..?!

Question: Need alcohol and clubbing advice!.!.drinks!?!.!.!?
It's going to be my first time clubbing soon and i'm really nervous as to what drinks to ask for what is good and how i should present myself when buying drinks!.!. do the bartenders tell you how muhc the drink is before you get it or what!? i know there isn't a menu you just have to know what you want beforehand but i have no clue! and how much of the drink to ask for im really confused!?!? what are drinks that you normally ask for!?

i was also curious to know when you finally get inside the club, how long after do you start buying drinks and stuff!? do alot of people stand around!?

as you can probably tell, IM VERY NERVOUS!Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's simple!. Order 5 "Long Island Iced Tea's"!. The really important part is that you specify to the bartender that you want them to be "Top-Shelf!." Your tab shouldn't be more than $15!. ;)

Seriously though, don't be so nervous! Is this your first time drinking, or just your first time at a club!? They don't tell you how much the drink is and it's kind of a faux-pas to ask what the price is!. Eventually you will learn to be able to estimate what your tab will be by the type of drinks you're having!. I'd estimate about $7-$12 a drink!. Make sure you bring a decent amount of cash or a debit/credit card!. You don't seem like much of a drinker but make sure you have at least like 70-100 bucks!. You probably won't spend near that much but better safe than sorry!. Personally I'd stick with simple drinks your first time out!. Something like these: "Tequila Sunrise", "Dirty Bong Water", "Blue Hawaiian", "Margarita", "Sex With An Alligator" and so on!. There are some websites that are full of cocktail recipes such as www!.drinksmixer!.com which could help give you an idea of some drinks you might like to order!.

Personally, I get a drink as soon as I get to the club!. For one, that's the reason I'm there, and secondly it helps me loosen up a bit!.

Asking for a drink isn't really that complicated!. You really just say something like "Can I get a vodka and cranberry!?" With a drink like that they will probably ask you which kind of liquor your would like!. If you just want the regular stuff just say "House" but if you want the high-end expensive stuff say "Top-Shelf!." If you would like the drink with ice say "On the Rocks!." So for this example pretend you wanted a Vodka and Cranberry on ice with just plain-old vodka!. You'd say "I'd like a Vodka Cranberry on the Rocks!." Then he or she will ask you which type of liquor and you would reply "House!." A lot of the time they won't even ask you which type of liquor but they generally do with drinks where the liquor is the main ingredient like a Gin and Tonic!.

Hope this helps a little! Relax, and have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well usually there are either bar tenders walking around or you can walk up to the bar and ask for a drink, and no they don't tell you before you order how much the drink is going to be but usually around $8-10!. Tuaca bombs are good you could also try snake bite, or ask if they have a specialty drink!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

Okay well clubbing is fun so just relax!. When you go depending on what you like to drink so you could ask for vodka seven or rum and coke or a porn star or a candied apple!. You just go up to the bartender and say can I get a!.!.!.!.!.!.!.and ask for whatever you like!. Usually drinks are 2!.75 during happy hour (in Canada) and about 5!.25 afterwards!.

Have fun and relaxWww@FoodAQ@Com

Start with a Shirley Temple!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You aren't ready to drink yet! SorryWww@FoodAQ@Com

Just relax!.
If you feel thirsty, buy a drink!.
if not, dance or hang out with your friends!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

I'm guessing you are a girl, in which case you should drink something like vodka cranberry (the bartender will ask what kinda vodka, just say house) or you could drink gin and tonic, rum and coke, it just depends, but most everybody can drink vodka cranberry!. Don't wait or stand around when you get there go up to the bar and when its your turn say I'll have a vodka cranberry- either start a tab, or I would suggest pay cash!. Tip well, or else you will look like an *** and won't get good service next time you go up- believe me I am a bartender!. Don't drink to much, really take it very easy- drink water also, nobody will think any less of you!. Everyone would rather that you drink water than you be puking 2 hours into the night!. Don't make your friends have to babysit you!. And just relax, it's not really that big of a deal!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

well if you have any previous experience dirnking, even if it isnt out at a club then you should already know some of the types of drinks you like!. if not, google some bartending websites that have TONS of different cocktails!. from there, just look for flavours you like (cocktails have fruity flavours mostly) of course you will also be able to order beer in a club if you like beer!. so anyways, find out what you like, make a list and memorize it or even just ask friends!.
how to present yourself!? act like you know what youre doing haha!. just know what you want to order when ypou go to do so
i dont think theres usually a menu at clubs!.!.!.you sorta have to know before you go!. how much to ask for!? just take it one a time lol! but no im pretty sure they do what they do, it isnt like ina resturant where theyll ask you " do you want a small, medium, or large coke!?" so in that way i guess you could say they jsut have their standard sizes!. think of a small-squarish looking tumbler glass for cocktails!.
for me personally id ask for a long island iced tea! its iced tea with a bit of vodka, light rum, gin and some recipes have even mroe alcohols added in them, but thats the most standard!. it tastes really good, for the amount of alcohol thats in them you really dont taste it!
i like fruit flavoured martini, cosmos!.!.
just start buying drinks whenever you want to! but beware: drinks will be disgustingly expensive!. at a normal bar i think theyre usually $5 a drink but then ive heard they can even be up to $8 each depending on where you go and if you want "top shelf" alcohol but into your drink (the best, most expensive brands)
sooo to save some money, alot of people "pregame" before going out to club: theyll drink with some friends before they go out - not TOO much, i mean you cant be driving over the legal limit and you dont wanna be waiting outside the club, swaying from side to side because youre so drunk from your pregame!.!.!.
overall,!. just go with friends! youll feel more confident around them and they may be able to answer some of your questions, etc!. im sure youll have a fun time!Www@FoodAQ@Com

First relax, its just a club, they are everywhere and are full of people who are not going to be watching your every move to see if you are doing right!.

Most likely bartenders will not tell you how much a drink is unless you ask, if cost is an issue, simply ask the bartender!.

Depending on what type of "club" you are going to my dictate what type of drink you want!.

for the most part people drink the following liquors


There are thousands of drinks that can be made with above liquors plus many more that are specialty liquors!.

Hot Damn
Peach Schnapps

For the most part the specialty liquors are used in conjuction with the first list of liquors!.

Depending on what you like, the bartender can probably help you find a drink you like if you tell him!.her what you like (fruity, sour, sweet, etc), the main thing they are going to want to know is what liquor, so have a basic idea before you go!.

Drinks can sneak up on you, so don't over do it, no more than 1 -2 drinks per hour for 2-3 hours!. Don't let strangers bring you drinks no telling what is in it (liquor wise) or (drug wise)!.

Stick to one type of liquor mixing and matching usually creates a bad hangover or sickness

most cocktail drinks are between $5 and $12 each depending on where you are!. Anything over $12 and you should be ordering certain types of liquors to be used in the drink, unless they are ridiculously large!.

Good luckWww@FoodAQ@Com

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