Sweet tasting red wines? ?!

Question: Sweet tasting red wines!? !?
I am looking for a red wine that has a sweet taste!. Something I can find at any local grocery store!. Not a dessert wine because those are like syrup but just a good sweet red wine!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

Would seem to me a tough but Interesting question!. First, I'd advise you ignore the Merlot recommendation, although I suspect you may already have!.

I'm thinking Lambrusco!. Not Riunite but a serious Lambrusco, say from Medici!. Nice red berry sweetness to it, but not sugary or cloy!. Great acidity for a red wine and just bit of fizz!. Probably run you about 12 or 13 bucks!.

Could you find a decent Lambrusco at your local grocery store!. Tough question, probably better luck at local wine shop!.

Depending on your definition of sweetness, think about Beaujolais Villages!. Jadot BV is pretty much available everywhere!. Its a good product!. I like Beaujolais Villages, it has really nice dark berry flavors to it!. Like the Lambrusco, it has great acidity and very little tannins A little chilled and its a fun wine to drink!.

Good LuckWww@FoodAQ@Com

It's difficult to make a recommendation for a semi-sweet red, without knowing what grocery store, and state you're from!. Most grocery stores are limited in stock!. And some states have more local wineries than others!.

In Ohio, we have the Great Lakes region, which produces a lot of semi-sweet red wines, but may not be available in your area!. So I'd look in the local wine section in your grocery (if there is one) and look for a concord semi-sweet red wine!.Nationally, you may like Riunite or Canei!.

A good semi-sweet is Marika Nemes Kadarka, a Hungarian wine you can probably find at a big supermarket, or most wine shops!. There are plenty of other options out there- German, Italian, Spanish!. A good supermarket will have some options - try local wineries if you have them!.

Oak Leaf - Merlot ($2!.97) at Wal-Mart is rated as one of the very best!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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