English oral about drinking?!

Question: English oral about drinking!?
what are the bad things about underage drinkers

i need 5 or so bullet points about the bad points of drinking

thx allWww@FoodAQ@Com

You should slant it towards a sarcastic point of view!.

Include items like, "Underage drinkers are the future parents of unwanted bastard children!." Then you can cite the increasing number of adoptions, abortions, orphans, and "dumpster babies!."

- Drunk drivers destroy their own car, and others property / lives
- You will probably kill your friend and not remember it
- Will wake up naked in a field and be lost
- Destroy your liver by age 20
- Cause brain damage, stunt mental development

You know the things that opponents of drinking (not underage drinking, I'm talking neo-prohibitionists, the religious people telling us how God is upset, etc!.) say *could* happen!. Well, just take the *could* away and state it as a fact!.

also, who determined that being drunk is a bad thing!? Bad in which way!? Bad because God is upset at us!? Yeah, okay, I'll take my chances with your so called God!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

-Could become alcoholics
-Could induce underage sex, smoking, vandalism etc!.
-Bad for their health

1!. possibility of alcohol poisoning
2!. increased risk of alcoholism
3!. separates these drinkers from normal, non-drinkers in society
4!. they can go to jail!
5!. increased risk of liver failureWww@FoodAQ@Com

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Hope i helped you :D


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we sing loudly on trains
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