What is the difference from alcoholic and alcohol abuser?!

Question: What is the difference from alcoholic and alcohol abuser!?
My 23 year old daughter thinks I am a Abuser!. I do not drink daily but, when I do I can't seem to stop!. She says I am an abuser!. I can not have just one drink!. She's not mad at me but says I have a problem just having one drink! and because of that fact she does not want to be around me If i am drinking at all, because she knows I wont stop!.
This is similar to the rest of my family members, It always makes me mad as they never trust me to behave and then i get mad and drink because they say you should stop and then i be a drunk asshole!.!.I Guess I am answering my own dumb question! I need to not even get started!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I have the same problem!. I can't seem to have just one drink most of the time!. If I buy a six pack I will drink the entire 6 pack!. I don't become an asshole though!.!.!.most of the time!. If it really bothers you then quit drinking (Hard to do)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Depends what happends when You drink!. If bad things occur - You act wrong, say wrong things etc!. Tehn You are abuser!. If all is fine, but You just cant stop!. It means Yopu have little problem but all is fine!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

An alcoholic has an uncontrollable need/drive to consume alcohol!. They must have it!. This is most likely daily, though there is some argument that you can be an alcoholic if you turn to alcohol in times of stress!. Less than 33% of those labeled as "alcoholics" actually fit into this category!.

An abuser or problem drinker is someone who doesn't know when to say when!. When alcohol is introduced into the situation these people drink until they're drunk!. The majority of people who are labeled as "alcoholics" are actually this type of drinker!. Thanks to AA anyone who drinks is labeled as an alcoholic!.

"I Guess I am answering my own dumb question! I need to not even get started!"

No, you need to learn self-control!. Alcohol when used correctly!.!.!.in moderation is a wonderful thing!. If you learn to control your behavior you can still enjoy a drink!.

As I like to say!.!.!.drink until enlightenment, not impairment!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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