What are considered CHEAP liquors and what are considered EXPENSIVE liquors?!

Question: What are considered CHEAP liquors and what are considered EXPENSIVE liquors!?
not brand!.!.!. your answers should be like vodka, beer, whiskey, cognac, gin etcWww@FoodAQ@Com

Well, beer is a fermented beverage, not a liquor (which implies that it is distilled)!.

So, the liquors are vodka, gin, tequila, whisk(e)y, rum, brandy/cognac, absinthe, schnapps, and grappa!.

Absinthe is always pricey!. It is also vile!. But it is also over 60% ABV!. Grappa is usually expensive, around $30 for a 375mL bottle, but it too is upwards of 60%!.

Now, of these remaining ones, you can get whisky that costs $25, $250 or $2500!. Most of the stuff above $400 is rare to find or buy, but there's plenty of scotch drinkers who have $200 bottles!. Jack Daniels is relatively cheap, Jim Beam even cheaper!.

Cognac, a very specific type of Brandy, is distilled wine!. Cognac is expensive, in general, but Brandy need not be expensive!.

With tequila, your prices are all over the place like whisky, except not so bad!. A good bottle of tequila is $40-$50 (Patron), with a special bottle $200 (Don Juan's top end stuff); a cheap bottle can be had for $20 (Jose Cuervo)!.

Rum is generally cheap!. You can pickup a bottle of Captain Morgan's for $16, Sailor Jerry (92 proof) for $15 and Bacardi goes south of those two!.

Vodka is generally a cheaper liquor, but it really is hard to say!. You can get cheap ones that are $7 for 1L, such as Popov or Majorska (who happens to make a 100 proof vodka)!. They aren't good, at all!. However, you can get a good bottle of vodka for $20-$25 (Ketel One)!. Vodkas north of that get a little bit better, such as Grey Goose ($30-$45)!. So vodka goes from ultra cheap to kind of expensive!.

Now, in terms of beer, you have mass produced crap which is cheap -- $6 for a 6 pack!. You have common craft brews, which are around $7!.50-$8 for a 6 pack!. Then you have special microbrews, which are usually $5-$8 for a single 22oz bottle!. You can find some Belgian imports which are going to run you $13 - $15 for a single 750mL bottle, much like a bottle of wine (true to this, these beers are usually 10-11%)!.

If we're talking about beer, might as well mention wine!. All over the place, once again!. Cheap mass produced wine can be had for $2 - $5 for a 750mL!. Good wine is around $10-$20, with wine costing over $20 almost always pretty good!. You can find bottles in the thousands, but most of what you'll end up drinking will be under $80!. You might break out a bottle of $150 wine on special occasion, but it would be pretty rare to do so!. Most wine you'll encounter is in the $10-$20 range!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's a poorly worded question; every type of liquor has good and bad; cheap and expensive!. And the determining factor for what you drink shouldn't be the price or what other people think of it; it should be what YOU like!. For example, I hate Jose Cuervo tequila, but love Cabo Wabo tequila (it's a higher end tequila); not the most expensive kind, but the one i like!. Just find something you like; high price is not a guarantee of quality!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

There are cheap and expensive brands of each of those liquors!.

Honestly, that question doesn't make a lot of sense!.!.!. it's like saying, "what are considered cheap or expensive cars!? I'm not looking for a make like Ferrari or Saturn!.!.!. your answers should be like red car, blue car, black car!.!.!."Www@FoodAQ@Com

It is thought that if it is under $10 a bottle it is cheap!. If it us under $5, it is crap

Now, it is not a guarentee that a $50 of vodka is twice as good as a $25!. I had a sampler bottle of Vodka (375 ml) for $1 that was stunningWww@FoodAQ@Com

But it does depend on the brand!. Aged whiskeys and cognac are "more expensive" in general I guess!. Then Tequila, Rum,Vodka then Beer!.!.!.!.

that's just what i think!. every kind has their good and bad- Patron, Grey Goose etc!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

the higher on the shelf the liquor the more expensive!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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