Am i the only that doesnt know what alcoholic drink this is!!!?!

Question: Am i the only that doesnt know what alcoholic drink this is!!!!?
what exactly is a red headed slut!? (the drink)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Red Headed Slut recipe

you need a shot glass
1 oz peach schnapps
1 oz Jagermeister
cranberry juice
I would serve very cold!. It should taste sweet!.!.!. It would be the cranberry that makes it red!. lol Try it!.!.!. I'm sure you'll like it!.!. you can always call it something else if it makes you feel better!.!.!. Red Headed Man Hore!.!.!. or something like that!. Don't dis it just because of the name!.


I'm sure many people don't know what it is!. It was a popular shot with a friend of mine I used to hang out with a few years ago!. Prior to spending time with him, I'd never heard of it either!.

Red Headed Slut recipe
Scale ingredients to servings
1 oz peach schnapps
1 oz Jagermeister? herbal liqueur
cranberry juice

Chill and serve!.

Ah, make your search engine one of your best friends!. You can look up just about anything!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If you order this in a bar the entire "drink" will fit into a one ounce shot glass so it is really less than a 1/2 oz peach schnapps, less than a 1/2 oz Jager, and a splash of cranberry, shaken up and strained!. The more cranberry juice the more red, but also the less strong!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You are not the only one, I have never heard of it either!. It sounds like one of those drinks that people get some kind of adolescent thrill from saying something they think is nasty in public!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


I'm not a drinker, so that makes 2 of us who have never heard of this!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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