Has anyone used Agave Nectar to cook with? Does it cause you gas like the other sugar subst? Where do you buy ?!

Question: Has anyone used Agave Nectar to cook with!? Does it cause you gas like the other sugar subst!? Where do you buy !?
it does not give gas, it is made from the agave plant which - ironically - is the same plant tequila is made from!. it can be used in the same way as sugar!. i like to put it in oatmeal before i microwave it because it thickens it!. sorry that was random!. i buy it at whole foods or any other health food store should have it!. :D

I've never used it, but I did taste some at a tequileria in Puerto Vallarta once!.

I think I saw it for sale at a Ralph's, near all the other sweetener stuff!. I almost bought it, because I knew what it was and thought it might be good!. But, I didn't really have any use for it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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