Will my bottles explode if I bottle before fermentation is through?!

Question: Will my bottles explode if I bottle before fermentation is through!?
I'm trying to make hard lemonade!. I started with a hydrometer reading of 1!.12 which leaves me with a really high potential alcohol content!. I only want 5% which means, I think, I will have to stop the porcess when my reading gets to 1!.07, However, I also want a little sweetness and lots of carbonation in the bottle!. I used champagne yeast and have great carbonation right now but I used so much sugar to begin with, 3lbs in a 2 gallon batch, that I am worried about bottling it!. I can sweeten it with Splenda but I'm afraid if I add any more sugar to mix to prime the bottles that I will have too much sugar since I'm stopping the process before all the original sugar has fermented!. If I don't use additional sugar to prime the bottles will I still get the carbonation I want since I am bottling the batch at 1!.07 when there is still a lot of fermentation that can go on!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

In theory, you can bottle before fermentation is through and the remaining sugar will be just enough to prime your lemonade!. In practice, you are much more likely to create bottle bombs!. I've given up on that with my ginger beer!. I ferment to completion, sweeten with aspartame, and add priming sugar before bottling!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

KEEP YOUR NOTES because only trial and error with teach you what works and what doesn't!. Even if a master brewer gives his learned opinion he could still be way off!. Only time and prayers will tell!
Splenda's a great idea and I'd add a small amount of ginger syrup to the next batch!
I'd love to try it!


Probably!. That or when you try and open the bottles, your lemonade will unexpectly migrate to the ceiling!.

We had a bottle of mulled wine once that fermented, and when we opened it!.!.!. the whole kitchen was covered in it!. It was like a geyser!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If it's close to done you should be OK but if it still has a lot of activity left even a foo foo drink like hard lemonade can explode bottles!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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