Is 10% alcohol content a lot?!

Question: Is 10% alcohol content a lot!?
For a beer, yes, that's pretty high!.

For a wine, not so much, 10% is about average, maybe low average!.

For anything else, not by a long shot!. Most liqueurs are at least 20%, and most liquor besides flavored vodka is at 40%!.[email protected]@Com

That means its 20 proof, so about twice as much as the average beer!. Whether or not its a lot depends on the individual, but since you're asking that you probably don't drink too often!. I wouldn't drink a lot of it if you're not used to drinking!.[email protected]@Com

It depends on the alcohol type, premixed drinks and beers have a content of usually 10%, wine has 20% and spirits have about 40%, this is an average as the amounts can vary!.[email protected]@Com

no it is not, i had beer that was 15% average wine is from 10-17!.
Martini and other liqueurs are around 17-25, and spirits are between 40-50!.
so here you go it depends in what, if it is a beer it one hell of a strong beer, let me know which one it is!.[email protected]@Com

Malt liquors which are a type of beer are usually about 8-10% so for beer it is a lot!. Hard alcohol not at all!.[email protected]@Com

Not really, when most beers are around 5-6 % alcohol[email protected]@Com

It depends on volume!. If you are talking in terms of say!.!. per serving, then that is plenty!. But if you mean like 10% per gallon, well then not so much!.[email protected]@Com

That wine, so no!.

Sake can get up to 20%, some vodkas up to 50%[email protected]@Com

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